Hello Friends,

I signed up to an awesome writing site called Im Report Card. It's a site where you earn money by writing short 100 word reviews. You get paid .50 cents per. short review and there are wonderful bonuses you can get as well.

I have earned over $19.00 so far from writing short easy reviews this past week and I'm already getting bonuses as well. The money is coming in fast and the reviews have been so easy to write.

I know some people have a hard time and get stuck, but I have a FREE Guide for those who would like to sign up under me on this site. The site is 100% free to Join.

If you would like to have the
Free Guide to learn my tricks on how to earn $20.00 or more without getting banned, then sign up by clicking here.

After you sign up just email me at ButterRain58@yahoo.com and let me know your user name that you signed up with. Then I will email you the Guide. You will be so happy with the Guide and the extra help from me to get started. And if you need me at any time, I want to help you!

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to talking to you,


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  1. margaret Says:

    That's a good idea! I wish i could write rreviews and get money for it

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