I just found this really "Rock-'Em-Sock-'Em-Robot-Kinda-Fun" website called IMReportCard.com It's a blast! What IMReportCard.com offers is a really easy way to either vent on and help expose those income opportunity companies that've taken your money, or announce the merits of those companies that've been good for you, and pick up a little change for yourself in the process!

The last time I visited IMReportCard.com I saw 1919 (currently) live published reviews on various companies, that have some role to play within internet marketing, and this fun little website provides you an opportunity to comment positively (Be honest and specific) or negatively comment (Be decent...no slander threats or untoward conduct) on the reviews where the threads haven't been locked and get paid for your efforts.

IMReportCard.com serves as a sort of Snopes.com as far as the real story of so many claims of "internet marketing secrets," income opportunities, and claims of guaranteed marketing success. With as many newbies coming onto the internet every day looking for their personal success story this is a service whose time has come. Imagine how different things would be if those brave souls of the gold rush could've known if a claim was any good before staking their lives to one?

How much does IMReportCard.com pay for your comments/activities?

What I'm about to tell you is not guaranteed by the time you read this. The website owner could decide to change everything tomorrow. So I'd suggest you visit them as soon as possible to also verify for yourself before you decide to join. Fair enough?

For all your activities you get "credits," which you can convert to cash and collect via PayPal, as soon as you reach a minimum of 2000 credits.

Rate a review or another's comment: 1 credit.
Grade a Product, Service, Person or Biz-Opp: 10 credits
Add your own comment to any review: 50 to 150 credits plus Bonuses
Successfully suggest a new product, service, etc. for review: 75 credits

Referrals are also possible and will significantly increase your earnings too. IMReportCard.com has a well-oiled machine as far as functionality of a website goes and an active and responsive admin to keep in touch with. The admin might not be aware but, I gave them a little
test and made a complaint in one instance that, they answered to in a timely fashion and without any sort of a "form-letter" quality. They're a genuine company of genuine people.

Any other good reasons to join IMReportCard.com ?

Yes. It's a biggie too! You can assign a signature link that'll be included on all of your comments. It's like getting a back-link that's seen by tens of thousands of people to your website from a highly active domain. If your back-link goes to any part of your website that is tagged about internet marketing the relevancy is just delicious! Just having the chance to have more visitors to your website address, and get paid for it, seems like a great idea to me.

Maybe you don't own a website and never will. Some folks might want something else in front of the eyeballs of thousands then. What if you're just the type who'll try anything to get another bible verse out there. Put up a "back-link to God" then. Might as well use your signature for something you care about. Right?

These folks aren't offering any sort of click for dough operation here on this website. IMReportCard.com is building a thriving, active, prosperous community of business people simply watching out for each other. Reputation amongst the business community is more effective than any legislation could ever be. Laws and ordinances might catch a con man once in a while. Exposure and a bad reputation can ostracize them all. This alone is a great reason for IMReportCard.com to be in business.

There's still a lot more to discover about IMReportCard.com . It just seems a bit fair they tell you some things about their offer themselves. You're sure to find their honesty and their follow through refreshing. IMReportCard.com gets an A+ from this member!
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